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Glide School District

Student Outdoor Opportunities

At Glide School District, we believe in nurturing well-rounded individuals through unique outdoor opportunities. If you want your child to experience the excitement of adventure, the satisfaction of community service, and the joy of learning in nature, Glide is the perfect place for you.
Come join us and become part of a community that values exploration, preservation, and education. Discover the difference that a passion for the outdoors can make!
Outdoor club

Outdoor club

Glide School District is incredibly proud of our robust outdoor opportunities, designed to inspire and engage students beyond the classroom. Our high school outdoor club offers unforgettable experiences that foster a love for nature, adventure, and community service. Our program not only provides access to extraordinary adventures but also equips students with essential lessons that extend well beyond the confines of a traditional classroom.
Adventure and Exploration
Our students participate in a variety of thrilling adventures and educational experiences. Here's a glimpse into some of the activities they've enjoyed:
  • Exploring National Monuments and State Parks: Our students have had the opportunity to discover incredible places like Smith Rock and Lava Beds National Monument, gaining firsthand experience in geology and natural history.
  • Overnight Backpacking Trips: By venturing into the wilderness, students acquire crucial survival skills including navigation, fire-making, and camp setup.
  • Bouldering and Climbing: At semi-local climbing gyms like Bend Rock Gym and Elevation, students not only enhance their climbing skills but also broaden their perspectives on potential passions and hobbies.
Learning Beyond the Adventure
Our outdoor club isn’t just about thrilling adventures; it’s a comprehensive program aimed at instilling lifelong skills and promoting responsible outdoor practices:
  • Life Skills: Leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving are cultivated through real-world challenges, preparing students for future endeavors in any field.
  • Survival Skills: Students learn essential survival skills such as first aid, navigation, and wilderness safety, ensuring they are well-prepared for any outdoor situation.
  • Outdoor Etiquette and Responsibility: We emphasize the importance of respecting nature and fellow adventurers. Promoting a positive outdoor culture through practices like Leave No Trace, our students learn to minimize their impact on the environment and preserve it for future generations.
These experiences not only promote teamwork and resilience but also foster a deep appreciation for the natural world, ensuring our students grow into well-rounded, responsible, and adventurous individuals.
Trail Cats

Trail Cats

Our "Trail Cats" are a dedicated team of students and staff committed to maintaining and rehabilitating local hiking trails. They partner with the Forest Service to keep our trails safe and beautiful. Recent accomplishments include:
  • Boulder Creek Wilderness Area: Our Trail Cats, in collaboration with the Forest Service, have shown exceptional dedication by cutting logs and maintaining the Bradley Trail into Pine Bench.
  • North Umpqua Trail: Celebrated during National Volunteer Appreciation Week, the Trail Cats' efforts in trail maintenance—using crosscut saws, building bridges, and performing hydro-work—are making a significant impact on our community.
Beyond the Club: Geology Field Trips

Beyond the Club: Geology Field Trips

Our commitment to experiential learning extends to our geology class, which regularly embarks on incredible field trips. These excursions allow students to explore geological wonders and apply classroom knowledge in real-world settings, enriching their educational experience.
Students walking single file on trail
Students standing in a line for photo
Students backpacking in to find camp
Students at the Dee Wright Observatory
Students doing trail maintenance
Students using a Cross Cut saw
Students doing trail maintenance