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Glide School District

Online Safety Resources For Parents

The safety and civility of our students as they join the social world online has become a major issue. Many social networking sites are blocked in our school environment but online activities from their home computers and SmartPhones are beginning to influence their behavior towards others at school, sometimes in a positive way, sometimes in a negative way.

Student participation in social networking sites opens a whole new world where they can express themselves, make new friends, communicate freely, bully others, be bullied, and expose themselves physically and mentally to both safe and unsafe contacts.

Glide School District will make every attempt to teach and stress safe use of the Internet, both in school and at home. An Acceptable Use Policy is sent home with every child and must be returned signed by a parent giving the student the privilege of using the internet at school.

The following links will take parents and other caregivers to sites with age-appropriate lessons, videos, games, activities, and other resources you can use to make your children aware of the possible dangers lurking in the most innocent-seeming places. We are not endorsing any specific product. 


Products that can filter and set time limits at home

Products that can filter and set time limits at home

KoalaSafe - KoalaSafe is a parental control router that lets you easily manage the time your child spends online
K9 Web Protection - Free internet filter for Windows or Mac computer