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Glide School District

Meet our Board of Directors

In appreciation of our board of directors

In appreciation of our board of directors

As citizens dedicated to serving and representing our diverse student body, the members of the Glide School Board navigate complex challenges in their roles. January is School Board Recognition Month, a time to honor those who commit themselves to the Glide School District and its students. These individuals, elected by their communities, embody the essence of advocacy and oversight for our educational system. Their role is not to manage the day-to-day operations of schools but to provide strategic direction, ensure accountability, and advocate for the educational needs of every student, regardless of their background or circumstances.
The Glide School Board, comprised of individuals from various professions such as loggers, highway maintenance managers, counselors, advocates, ranchers, and environmental consultants, represents a broad spectrum of experiences and viewpoints. Each member, balancing their full-time professional roles and family obligations, is driven by a common goal: to establish an educational environment where every student, regardless of background, has the opportunity to excel academically and feel safe within the district’s supportive framework. This collective vision forms the foundation of their service. Embracing diverse opinions and approaches, the board members work in unison to ensure that their decisions consistently foster an inclusive and encouraging atmosphere for all students in the district.
Their commitment extends beyond board meetings. School board members invest time and energy in professional development, including seminars, conferences, and training sessions, to stay informed about the latest in educational leadership and teaching methodologies. Their deep involvement in community activities and presence in schools and extracurricular events demonstrate their dedication to understanding and meeting the diverse needs of all our students.
This January, we invite you to join us in recognizing and appreciating our board members. Their leadership, insights, and dedication play a crucial role in shaping a future for all students in the Glide School District.
Board Chair Tracy Adevai:
Tracy Adevai, elected in July 2023 as board chair, brings her expertise as a licensed clinical social worker to the Glide School District. Her role in mental health services, combined with her involvement in educational initiatives and mediation programs, enhances her contributions to student welfare on the board. Tracy's recent appointments within the OSBA Rural Caucus underscore her commitment to improving educational environments and advocating for student needs in the district.
Vice-Chair Timothy Shaw:
Appointed in January and elected in July 2023, Timothy Shaw, a 1980 Glide High School graduate, brings a wealth of experience in environmental science and education to the board. He holds degrees in geology and secondary science education from Oregon State University, along with a Master's in Education. His professional career as a Senior Environmental Geologist and co-owner of NWFF Environmental reflects his commitment to environmental stewardship and science education. An active community member and chaplain at Roseburg Elks #326, Tim's deep connection to the local environment and culture enriches his contributions to the school district.
Director Dan Metz: Dan Metz:
Dan, a seasoned member of the Glide School District Board, has served for many years, including a tenure as board chair. As a father of two Glide graduates, his dedication to the school community is deeply personal. In his professional capacity as a Transportation Operations Manager for ODOT, overseeing a wide area including Hwy 138, Dan brings a wealth of knowledge in community infrastructure and logistics to the board. His past experience in coaching sports at Glide reflects his long-standing commitment to student activities and athletics. Dan is well-known for his involvement in school events and his engagement with parents, students, and staff on campus. An avid fan of hiking and fishing, his outdoor pursuits showcase his strong connection to the natural surroundings of the Glide community.
Director Janet Holland, LCSW:
Janet Holland, appointed to the Glide School Board in July 2023, is not only an alumna but also a parent of two graduates from the district. Her vast experience in behavioral health and healthcare enriches her approach to student welfare and community health initiatives. Janet's involvement in the school district is marked by her dedication to enhancing systems that benefit both students and community members. Outside of her professional life, Janet is an enthusiast of the great outdoors, where she finds joy in activities such as fishing, hiking, and camping. Her passion for nature and commitment to maintaining her property exemplify her deep connection to the Glide community's lifestyle and values.
Director John Quimby:
Elected to the Glide School Board in July 2023, John Quimby has been a part of the Glide community since he was a child. A proud Glide High School graduate, he owns and operates a small logging company in the area, demonstrating his entrepreneurial spirit and deep understanding of local industry. His extensive experience as a small business owner provides valuable insights into economic and practical aspects of running an organization, which he brings to his role on the board. John's commitment to the district is also personal; he and his wife Julie have raised three children in Glide, with their youngest recently graduating from the high school. His involvement in the community and his business acumen are integral to his approach to school governance, emphasizing the importance of practical skills and local economic understanding in educational development.

Chair Tracy Adevai

Director Janet Holland

Vice-Chair Timothy Shaw

Director John Quimby

Director Dan Metz