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End of the Year Activities

Seniors - Last day is Wed, June 1st


Glide School District Success Walk -  Wed. June 1st. GHS seniors will be visiting Glide Elementary to speak to our K-6 classes about how to "Apply Yourself" in school, extracurricular activities and in life. 


Breakfast of Champions - We will be celebrating with the students nominated for being, "Respectful" at our 2nd Semester Breakfast of Champions on June 3rd in the MS/HS Cafeteria. 


Glide High School Graduation - UCC at 1 pm on Sunday, June 5th, 2016

Please come out and support our outstanding young ladies and gentlemen at this joyous celebration!  No tickets required.


Last Day of School for 9 - 11th grade - June 9th, 2016  

Early release around noon!

































Kristina M. Haug, Ph.D.






Seniors!  A terrific opportunity has presented itself to send our Seniors to a cultural impact exhibit in Tigard, Oregon. The REAL. LIFE. Exhibit is a walk-through, multi-sensory exhibit that allows people to experience what REAL. LIFE. is like for children affected by disaster, conflict and poverty.Visitors describe the experience: “Eye-opening.” “I will never be the same.” “Inspiring.” “I must do something.” “I can make a difference.”  Students will leave at 8 am from GHS and return by 6 pm.  There is no charge for the trip; however student will need to pack a lunch or bring money to purchase lunch there.  



Congratulations to our GHS Wrestlers for placing 3rd in the State Wrestling Championship!  We appreciate the unbelievable community support and the hard work and dedication on behalf of the wrestlers, coaches, families and community to help our wrestlers excel!



Dear Parents:

February 25, 2016

Glide School District and our wonderful community were impacted yesterday by misinformation being posted/spread on Facebook Glide Community Watch page, specifically that there was a threat made towards Glide Elementary School. 

We were notified at approximately 9:00pm that this was being investigated by the Douglas County Sherriff’s Office and to standby for information including ---if we needed to cancel school on Thursday (today).  Dave Lee, our School Resource Officer, was also involved in this investigation and was advising us on what was happening.

According to the investigation, which took around two hours to complete, it was discovered that no threat was made what-so-ever.  The DC Sherriff’s Department concluded that not only was it unfounded but------Let me repeat ----no threat was ever made! The post on Facebook was totally erroneous.

Rumors spread like wildfire.  People began posting things on the Glide Community Watch that were totally--- not true.  They also started posting derogatory posts directed at the GSD that again had no merit.  The posts stated that the GSD did not communicate what was happening----this is simply not true.

Glide School District reacted as we are trained to do.  We were following the information provided to us by Officer Lee and the DC Sherriff’s Office, not what was being posted on Facebook by people who were completely clueless to the situation at hand.

 GSD posted on our webpage and our GSD Facebook Page around 11:30pm last night communicating to the public what we knew.  An “All District” email went out to the entire District staff at this time, explaining the situation, making the staff aware of the incident.  Not only did we post to our GSD Facebook Page, GSD Website ------Officer Lee was posting on the Glide Community Page keeping the community informed on the situation as best he could.

Facebook and the Glide Community Watch page are a very valuable means to communicate in Glide.  However, we need to be responsible for our posts and make sure we post things that are factual not rumors, especially something like this. 

The educational process in our schools was totally disrupted.  Fear and emotional trauma was placed on our students, staff and families today.  This is not OK!!

We live in a climate where we take all threats or even rumors of threats seriously.  If you hear threatening rumors or any threats towards our schools, staff or kids, please contact the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department immediately.  They will contact us and we will react as our training dictates us to do.

We want to thank the DC Sherriff’s Office, especially Sgt. Tillett, for their immediate response last night during the investigation phase.  We want to thank the day time Sgt. Tilley and the four deputies that we had on campus this morning, including one at GMS/GHS.  We had a police presence at GSD to calm the nerves of everyone whose lives were disrupted by this unnecessary incident. We want to thank Dave Lee for his guidance and expertise in handling of this incident.  He is amazing!!

Glide School District and Officer Lee are dedicated to the safety of our staff, students and our community.

Mike Narkiewicz, Superintendent

Jerry Halter, GES Principal

Kristina Haug, GMS, GHS Principal

Dave Lee, SRO


02/24/16 - 11:32pm
A report came into the Sheriff's Office tonight that a person reported there was going to be a "UCC type incident" at Glide Elementary School tomorrow.  They investigated this report and after contacting several different people; this report was determined to be totally un-founded.  There was never a threat made regarding the Glide Elementary School.
This report generated a lot of concern with our parents on the Glide Community Facebook page.  Some parents have said they won't be sending their children to school tomorrow. 
The sherrifs office assures you that the initial reported "threat" is totally un-founded.
Since some people will still be uneasy about this event; Our school resource officer will plan to be at Glide Elementary tomorrow.



Immunizations paperwork is DUE to the HS office by February 17th.  All students that do not have a current immunization or exemption certificate on file will be excluded from school until one is provided. 



We only have 1/2 of the school year left!  Can you believe it?  Let's make the second semester as great as the first!

Booster Club Bottle and Can Drop off has been relocated to the Old Middle School Parking lot.  Please stop and drop your recyclables to help raise money for our GSD students.

Join us on our new Glide School District Facebook site:   www.facebook.com/glideschooldistrict  We will be adding current happenings in our district regularly!  


Saving Lives at GHS!  National Honor Society members in collaboration with the American Red Cross recently collected enough pints of blood to save 106 LIVES!!!  Thank you to all volunteers and donors that made this happen!


Free Math class for adults!  

Mondays, 5:30-6:30 p.m. at Glide Elementary, Room 19

Taught by John Brown and Lynn Hill.  Please call 541-496-3524 to register (Limited to 28 students)

                October 26- December 7, 2015      Number Sense

                January 4 – February 22, 2016                Fractions

                (no class February 8 – preparation for auction)

                February 29 – April 11, 2016           Algebraic Thinking

                (no class March 21 – Spring Break)



Building Use Requests: We enjoy being the hub of our closeknit, generous community.  As the central location for so many sports events, concerts, auctions and community events, our facility spaces fill up fast.  To reserve a spot for your event, please use a Building Use Request form on the Glide School District homepage and submit to Dr. Kristina Haug at khaug@glide.k12.or.us - or drop off at the GHS Office. Thank you!


Title X Homeless Act - If you know of any students whose housing is not fixed, adequate, or consistent, please turn their name(s) into Mr. Clair, School Counselor.  Also, if you know of anyone who has needs such as school supplies, clothing, shoes, or hygiene products, please contact Mr. Clair.

 A united school dedicated to education and committed to student excellence!




Looking Ahead
Tue Aug 23
MS/HS registration 9-10th grade 8-10:00 am 11-12th grade 10-12:00 pm 7-8th grade 1-3:00 pm

A united community dedicated to preparing students today to reach their full potential tomorrow!