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Covid-19 Update

Glide School District continues to work hard planning for the start of the school year. As you are aware, Governor Brown and the Oregon Department of Education, have announced new Covid-19 health and safety mandates for school districts.

In the mandates and metrics put forth by the state, Douglas County does not currently meet the safety requirements necessary for schools to open. This includes Glide School District.

At this time, it seems there are more questions than answers. We hope the state gives us the answers to everyone’s questions in the following week or two.

We have had to change our pathway and plans (4) times in 3 weeks. This is very frustrating for the school district. We have put forth a lot of time, manpower, and hard work; only to be mandated to go in a different direction. We feel your pain as well!

As always, the health and safety of our staff and students are the number one concern.

With the current mandates, it appears for now that GSD will begin school in the fall under Comprehensive Distance Learning. We will address what this will look like in the future.

We ask for your patience as we work through the new mandates and this most current challenge