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Superintendent Goals

Superintendent Goals
Mike Narkiewicz
2016-2017 School Year

Goal #1

Provide Leadership to Assure Glide School District Is Financially Sound

1. Monitor enrollment and plan for future loss/change of revenue from the Oregon State School Funds
2. Monitor and adjust staffing to meet our enrollment needs while maintaining/improving programs for all of our students
3. Monitor our future transportation needs and funding for new busses/equipment
4. Focus on Ending Fund Balance goal of at least 7.5%-10% of the General Fund
5. Work with Board/Business Manager to long range plan for the District’s facility and maintenance needs
6. Provide leadership and information regarding new facilities, specifically new building for GMS and additions/upgrades at GES (Needs Assessment, timeling, estimated cost       and investigate multiple funding sources

Goal #2

Provide Leadership in State Mandates/State Reporting

1. Attend conferences and ESD meetings to gain knowledge and insight on ODE required changes
2. Meet with all GSD stakeholders as necessary to provide communication on required state mandates and reporting. This includes contracted employees from Douglas ESD
3. Promote collaborative interaction (TEAMWORK) with employees to meet the District needs
4. Seek solutions concerning areas where we struggle to comply with ODE mandates/reporting
5. Work with DO and Admin Team to build efficiencies in state reporting and data tracking regarding state tgesting and meeting graduation requirements

Goal #3

Provide Leadership to improve the safety of the students and staff at Glide School District

1. Seek input from all stakeholders concerning safety of the students and staff
2. Seek input on cost analysis of SRO options including current model-we currently only have a (1) year contract with City of Roseburg
3. Provide leadership in promoting and implementing the plan for improved staff and student safety-written Emergency Operating Procedures Plan
4. Work with the business manager to long range plan for budget needs associated with staff & student safety - training, educational assemblies, and ongoing trends from law     enforcement
5. Provide leadership and promotion for anti-bullying programs in our schools
6. Provide leadership for instruction and awareness for use of social media